Take our assessment test to understand where you stand on the 5th Space scale.

This exercise contains a series of nine statements. Besides each are four responses. Select the response that you most agree with…the one(s) you would be likely to make if you were responding to that person face-to-face. Remember this is the first response statement you’re making. Subsequently, you may go on to have a longer dialog but this inventory focuses on your first response only.

For each of the nine statements, you have three points to assign, giving them to one or more of the alternate responses. You must assign three points between each set of four responses. You can follow any of the patterns discussed. Fill in a zero for any response that receives no points. Select the response that you are most likely to make.

Example Statement
“There has been a serious breach of values in a youth group. A decision has to be taken regarding the person who has done the breach”

A) “It’s okay, things like this happen. They will sort themselves out on their own.”
B) “The group takes responsibility and includes the person in the decision-making.”
C) “Serious breaches like this has no scope for discussion. As per the process, the person has to leave.”
D) “Group of senior decision makers is asked to convene a meeting and take a call.”

You may assign your three points to indicate your response style as follows:
• If you agree fully with one of the responses (say the second one that begins with “The group takes … “) and do not like any of the others, then give all the three points to this selection.

• If you like two responses, one a little better than the other, then give two points to your first preference and one point to your second preference.

• If you like three of the four responses equally well, you can assign one point to each of them.