If you are planning to start a youth group, this is a great opportunity to experiment with the 5th Space. How does one co-create a 5th Space? Is it like any other youth resource centre?

There are some key principes that our research and work with the youth from the last 20 years has helped us list out. These principles are listed out below and for a youth facilitator to understand what it takes to design a 5th Space. If you think you have more ideas on principles for working with young people, do get in touch with us! This isn’t etched on stone, and will be an ever evolving list.

Principles of the 5th Space:

It facilitates self exploration The 5th Space should take young people through an understanding from what they know to what they don’t – exploring to understand themselves better by reflecting on questions like: How deeply do they relate to others? To what extent is their journey influenced by their destination? How well do they know themselves? How well equipped are they to undertake their journey? How well informed is their worldview?