What is 5th Space?

How do young people spend their time? At home with family, hanging out with friends, in leisure or at college / workplace. Traditionally these four spaces make up their universe. In all these spaces their worldview derives from an already given legacy, through a lens which society has donned for millenia. Beyond this received wisdom, don’t they need another space which allows them to create their own understanding of the world?

  • To understand themselves, develop, and grow?
  • To look at social issues from a sytemic lens, and see how they are connected to them?
  • To deal with conflicts within and around them in society?
  • To take action that benefits them and the surroundings?

We call this the 5th space. It is a space where young people develop a psycho-social worldview, which answers the question “Who are we?”(we as in humans – a social species) as opposed to “Who am I?” This view allows young people to understand and define their connection to the world as it is. The 5th space makes the relationships in the other four spaces count by nourishing and enriching the capacities of young people to take effective and responsible action. The 5th space believes that self transformation is the first step towards creating change in our relationships and in society.