When Gandhi and Ambedkar smiled together

Gandhi and Ambedkar (as far as I know) never fully got along with each other – they had massive disagreements throughout their life.Today, somewhere, far far above in the heavens, they are both looking at India. And they both have a smile on their face.

“See, I told you I will give you a constitution that upholds the highest ideals of mankind”, Ambedkar says. “They are actually living that spirit.”

Gandhi nods. “And before they preach it to others, they are being the change themselves”

Down below, all around their beloved country, a few hundred youngsters are on a journey. Over the last 2 months, across 20 states of India, they have gone and LIVED the constitution of India.

They have spent nights with the homeless, bust myths of blind traditions and convinced people to not take dowries. They have locked themselves for hours in bathrooms, created hundreds of small projects and spoken to over 15,000 citizens around India.

“This is the single largest mobilization around the constitution since Independence! Our tryst with destiny is THIS”, Nehru exclaims as he walks in.

“And this, at a time when the Idea of India itself is being questioned, being done in rural and urban spaces, with people from all castes and classes is really the fraternity that we were trying towards”, Patel’s voice also has a sense of satisfaction.

Bose chimes in “I call them the new Azad Hind Sena!”

As the camera zooms out, we see the celebration. It’s a party up there in the heavens – our founding fathers have come together. On their faces is pride, in their eyes, tears of joy.

As every generation does it’s bit, here are the millennials, supposedly self obsessed and digitally addicted. They are stepping out and making it happen. They are taking onto the streets with a new energy.

A new India is being re-born. And the birthday celebrations have begun up there!


This blog is contributed by Abhishek Thakore ,co-founder, The Blue Ribbon Movement. He is a gold medalist from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. His corporate stints include consulting at Hay Group and Boston Consulting Group, where he worked across diverse sectors.
He has represented global youth at the United Nations in New York. He has also participated in World Youth Congress (Turkey), Youth Encounters in Sustainability (Japan) and Dialogue on Science (Switzerland). He has been involved with organizations like India Against Corruption, Initiatives of Change, Center for Civil Society, and Rotaract Movement in different capacities.
He has authored 3 books on personal development, certified in several personal growth techniques and trained youngsters across geographies.