5th Space Stories

Expression of Understanding
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“Imagine Honey a transgender and Anando a dwarf cooking together at Anando’s home…Let alone each other, they didn’t know anyone so different from themselves before the Samjho toh Express arrived in Kolkata. In... Read More

Ashraf Patel – 5th Space Voyager
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#5thSpaceVoyagers Ashraf Patel, Co-Founder of Pravah and CYC Her fiery enthusiasm and eagerness to make the world a better place began when she was in high school, “from a very early age, I... Read More

Where There Are Wheels, There Are Ways!
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When I was told that I would get to attend a Wheelchair Rugby match, I thought, “No way”. On my way to the ESCIP (Empowering Spinal-Chords Injured Person) Centre, I thought about the... Read More