Changelooms is an inside out leadership journey that encourages, recognizes, and supports young leaders to achieve their potential to lead social change initiatives through exciting opportunities for intensive learning, inspiration, mentorship, visibility, and fund-raising. These cadres of young activists with their innovative ideas are mentored and facilitated at the right stage to put their ideas into action and lead a journey to become a social entrepreneur and catalyst. Changelooms is supporting 100 young Changelooms fellows selected from 6 states across India, to action their social change initiatives around the theme of social inclusion.

An “Inside out” learning journey – Changeloomers are encouraged to explore their leadership potential, starting from within by examining their own self-awareness.

Development Centres– The development centre enables the changeloomers to deepen their intervention and strategies and build skills to design and facilitate high impact learning spaces using frameworks and models such as ADDIE to plan an intervention and Walkers Cycle for session. It gives an opportunity to delve into self-transformation and identify ones own strengths, fears and drive the change from within and take it outside to the society.

Mentoring – each Changeloomer is assigned a mentor who meets up with them throughout the programme, helping them to develop their personal and public leadership skills.

Visibility support – Changeloomers are supported to draw up action plans to help them to design, carry out and demonstrate their social change initiatives, messages and actions.

Seed funding – based on their action plans and mentoring discussions, each Changeloomer can apply for a small amount of funding to help them to carry out or scale up their projects.Network linkages – Bringing together various youth collectives and actions, enhance liaise within youth initiatives as well as with other allies and liaise with various social campaigns will be facilitated by the programme.