We have a whole host of media resources in our compendium to help you understand the 5th Space better. Under this section we have films, articles, and reviews in the press. Other than this we also have a dance choreography, a music album, animations, puppet theatre to name a few. If you are interested in these forms and would like to know more, do feel free to get in touch with us!

In the articles section you will find a range of articles interpreting the 5th Space. In partnership with Aritra Bhattacharya, Vipul Rikhi, and Youth Ki Awaaz, we have used the 5th Space lens to understand everyday issues and understanding how we incorporate it in our lives.

In the press
Our events over the last year have been covered by the press. These 5th Space ‘Live’ events
have given the audience a taste of what such an experience would be like. [If you are wondering how one would actually go about creating it – read the Principles under the ‘Starting a fresh youth group’ in the Enrich section.

Created under the media wing of ComMutiny – The Youth Collective, we have partnered with many renowned filmmakers to create these films. Ranging from impact stories, experiential spaces, and 5th Space organizations we believe the 5th Space exists in many spheres of an individual’s life.

Some of our partner filmmakers are:
Amitesh Singhal, Anandana Kapur, Ankit Pogula, Kavita Das Gupta, Neeraj Toor, and Nitin Das.


Take a look below at some of our very popular Short-films.

For more such films pls visit our official You Tube Channel

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