Ashraf Patel – 5th Space Voyager

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Ashraf Patel, Co-Founder of Pravah and CYC

Her fiery enthusiasm and eagerness to make the world a better place began when she was in high school, “from a very early age, I was going through camps, and was a part of leadership training programs”, she said.

She has been engaged in youth work as a professional for 25 years, but she’s not finished yet.

“It has shifted my perspective not only about myself, but also about how to see the world…working towards nurturing 5th Space’s, and constantly working towards enhancing and promoting 5th Spaces, keeps me directly engaged with the aspirations of young people. If you look at it honestly, aspirations of young people are aspirations of the society.”

Through her work and contributions towards youth development and active citizenship, she is perpetually learning and experimenting. Not only about herself, but also from the youth, where she finds endless hope and inspiration. To see young get involved in the space that she initiated along with so many others is the reason why she has faith in the energy of young people, and in the world to keep changing for the better.

“It helps me cope, it helps me fight, it helps me stay hopeful, and it helps me stay engaged”.

Stories curated by Marlo Zambelli and Taejin Kim as part of their Community Volunteering – Global internship with ComMutiny – The Youth Collective, in partnership with Pravah and AVI

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